What is symbiosis?

What means symbiosis ?

It's all about living together

What is symbiosis exactly?

It is defined as any permanent or lasting association between two or more different species of living organisms. Each relationship has two participants, usually a larger one named the host, and a smaller one called the symbiote.

Yes, open your eyes and look around in nature. A large number of living things, of different species, do not live alone. There are thousands of creatures living in perfect harmony in what are called symbiotic relationships.

The animal kingdom offers many examples of how species can coexist under mutually beneficial conditions, or at least cause the least trouble to each other. Do we, as human beings, live and do as well as these species by inspiring us? These symbiotic relationships remind us of how we can work and live together to improve the lives of others. Wherever we look, there are creatures that have a purpose that benefits others. Over the next few months, let’s take a moment and think about what we can do to help each other, even in ways we may not have considered before!